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Hidden ORIGINAL 13th Amendment , 1812, Real Evidence

Proof by Certification by State Archives of N.H. that in 1812, at least 6 states had ratified the ANTI-LAWYER Amendment. Basically preventing anyone who had a BAR membership, accepted a title of Nobility form foreign King, Prince, Power from even being a US Citizen, much less holding any OFFICE . This has been hidden since Pres. Abe Lincoln erroneously named the ANTI-Slavery amendment the "13th", when actually that one from the Civil War was the 14th ratified amendment.

O'bama's off the BALLOT. Watch Commentary & Trial

Georgia Judge Mike Malihi, heard EVIDENCE for the first time, that Mr. Barack Obama is in FACT using a dead mans Social Security number from Conn, and arguments from Atty. Orly Taitz, and VanIrion, and J. Mark Hatfield were enough to get a default judgement expected to be inked on or before Feb. 5, 2012, date atty. statements are due, unless the Obama Administration can exert Pressure sufficient to stop DUE PROCESS, as was done in 2009, to Federal Judge David O. Carter in 9th District. Atty. of Mr. Obama, Michael Jablonski tried to delay, dismiss and ignore the Court order to appear. Mr. Jablonski was AWOL, and the judge let the Evidence fall on the record. A letter was sent to Jablonski warning him if he did NOT appear for trial... that it was at "his own risk".

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All that is necessary for Evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing about the evil.

[01] BREAKING NEWS - On Second Thought's Number #1 Public Sector / LawLIAR Infestation Message for M.J. Justice

July 01, 2010, By William Wagener

William Wagener outlines a Plan, to Raise the money, via "money bomb day", produce a documentary, put it on National TV and get Prosecutors or M.J. Jackson
INDICTED... Finally.

Please visit my MJJ Blog; "Michael Jackson Super Hero Super Star"

[02] BREAKING NEWS - On Second Thought's Number #1 Taxation Puppet/Kangaroo Infestation

Taxation WithOUT Representation! Warnken & Wagener On Second Thought TV

by: William Wagener June 30, 2009
Michael WARNKEN speaks from California State Capitol


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[03] Free Attorney Fine

[04] By, William Wagener July 02, 2010

Julie Witherspoon is a REAL Life, G.I. Jane, without the dizzy brain, a no non-sense mother of Danny Jr. & Julie Jr, who she Loves dearly, had stolen by CPS kidnapers and her ex-husband, who raped her in High School as her band teacher. Click here to see more...