OBJECTIVE: Busting Kangaroos. Then watch public sector crooks and LawLIARs pop out like Rabbits...

O'bama's off the BALLOT. Watch Commentary & Trial

Georgia Judge Mike Malihi, heard EVIDENCE for the first time, that Mr. Barack Obama is in FACT using a dead mans Social Security number from Conn, and arguments from Atty. Orly Taitz, and VanIrion, and J. Mark Hatfield were enough to get a default judgement expected to be inked on or before Feb. 5, 2012, date atty. statements are due, unless the Obama Administration can exert Pressure sufficient to stop DUE PROCESS, as was done in 2009, to Federal Judge David O. Carter in 9th District. Atty. of Mr. Obama, Michael Jablonski tried to delay, dismiss and ignore the Court order to appear. Mr. Jablonski was AWOL, and the judge let the Evidence fall on the record. A letter was sent to Jablonski warning him if he did NOT appear for trial... that it was at "his own risk".


  1. Mr. Wagner,
    Thank you for making your video of the hearing available. I was in an overflow courtroom and we couldn't hear or see anything.

    Anyway, Mark Hatfield's case appears to be cut off. In Part 2 one of his plaintiffs is on the stand and then the video switches to a studio interview with Ms Taitz. Then part 3 opens with the courtroom break instead of the rest of Mr. Hatfield's presentation.

    Is there anyway possible to make a part 2 B so that we can see the rest of Mr. Hatfield's case?

    Thank you so much !!


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